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Attract More Money Effortlessly.

Do you know its possible to attract the exact money you want by using your own unique feminine energy?
Have you ever wondered why you have to work so hard to make money?

Here’s the secret…

The energy of money is feminine, so therefore you need to be in your feminine energy to attract it with ease.
Let me explain.
Feminine energy is yin or inward motion energy and most women do not know how to receive.
Think about this in your own life; how well are you able to receive compliments, gifts, support?

If you stay in your masculine, yang energy or outward flow, you stop the flow toward you.

The big question on my clients’ minds is…how come I see others attracting money, seemingly effortlessly, but why is it so hard for me?
Many clients come to me feeling like they are stuck and unable to attract what they want in relationships, in their careers and with their money.

I began seeking the answer to this question in the late 80’s when I took on a larger work load but I didn’t get the recognition for my effort or the raise I wanted in my pay cheque. When I finally learned how to stand in my own feminine power this all changed.

I am certified in 10 different modalities including Art of Feminine Presence Teacher, Tantric Educator, Reiki master and I’ve been a spiritual mentor and coach for women (and men) for over 17 years.

Hey there!

I always been very intuitive, but thought I had to project being a male in a male dominated industry in order to be successful. As I climbed the ladder of success, I encountered resistance in getting agreement on what I was trying to achieve.  In retrospect, I worked very very hard to finally achieve a 6 figure salary when it could have been a lot easier.
If I had accepted the feminine part of me I would have expressed myself in a way that was authentic. When I realized that men were unable to trust me because I was trying to present my ideas like a man, I would have seen my ideas accepted so much sooner than they were.

I have finally perfected the art of being feminine to create cash flow and I want to share what I have learned my years of living with and without this with you.

Now you can achieve more money flow in your life too.

Here’s What You’re Going to Get:

Inside of my ‘Attract More Money Effortlessly’, you’ll find a free discovery call, and then three personalized one-on-one zoom video coaching calls and prerecorded audios of tools you learned to use during our individual sessions. These tools will be ones you can apply to attract more of what you want in your life in more areas then just money.

I tailor my coaching calls from what I learn in the initial discovery call to create and direct the following three calls to be exactly what you need, personally and individually.

  • Each zoom call will be an hour and a half (or two hours if need be!)

  • We will uncover the reason why your feminine energy is out of sync.

  • We will discover how high your personal receiving factor is.

  • We will discover how and what stops you from being an attraction magnet.

If you are ready to end your struggle,
to create more cash flow,
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After the loss of my home, due to a fire in Dec, 2012. I was feeling utterly lost and very angry. I had also become ill due to all the stress. At this point I had already seen Juey Ann in her home for a few sessions earlier that year so I decided to call her. As I live three hours a away and the winter roads were as horrible as I felt!!

During the course of the conversation Juey Ann helped me to realise that I was holding onto a lot of energy from the night I watched my home burn. She assisted me over the phone in releasing this build up of energy with gentleness and loving guidance through a simple series of steps. I felt soooo much better!! The tension was gone. The anger had subsided. My health improved along with my mental/emotional state.

The steps and tools Juey Ann shared with me that afternoon still work for me today and I use them whenever necessary.

Juey Ann is a wonderful teacher and is a joy to work with. A true blessing for us all!

Thank you Juey Ann.

Tina Ross
If you are ready to end your struggle to create more cash flow, then click the button below to get immediate access to the today.




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Money Back Guarantee before your second session.

“When I decided to start working with Juey, I had no idea what to expect but, I was seriously struggling with depression and anxiety to the point where I was ready to give up and I knew I had to get some help. After just the first session I started to feel like I had a purpose and I was able to stop blaming myself for the situation I found myself in. I really enjoyed my conversations with Juey, she made me feel at ease talking about things that in the past I could never admit. After every session I felt just that much better about myself, even with all the imperfections that make me who I am. It’s because of this that I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.”
Faye M
  • Three tools you can use every day to stay focused

  • You will have an awareness when you are projecting masculine versus feminine energy

  • You will learn what beliefs keep you from being feminine

  • You will learn the art of receiving

  • You will learn where you are inhibiting attracting money

you can begin to skillfully access your feminine energy
attract more money
you can continue to experience working really hard
attracting very little income.

“Prior to taking Empath Awareness this weekend with Juey Ann MacLeod I felt it was my duty to save everyone, to put all others needs before my own and to help people carry their baggage along the way. This way of living was draining every bit of me and effecting my health on all levels. What I learned was life altering. My goals are the same, to be the best mother/wife/friend/daughter/nurse I can be but by putting myself first, setting boundaries and really knowing my energy is the only way I can achieve this. Juey Ann helped turn the lights on. I am more me than I have ever felt and my growth train is traveling at lightning speed. I highly recommend this workshop.”
Jill Graham